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Open Studios

If you've completed at least one fused glass or stained glass class at BCGC you're eligible to attend open studios. Open studios are a great way to work on your project without having to dedicate an area of your home to glasswork, or spend money on expensive tools, and build community with fellow glass enthusiasts!  At a rate of $5.00/hour, it is a very cost effective option.


  • Feel free to come in anytime we are open! Keep in mind, classes, pumpkin crews, workshops or any staff needs take priority. For instance, if we have a seasonal fusing fest occurring on a Saturday, we cannot accommodate any open studios participants that day. If you are concerned about availability, feel free to contact us!

  • You will need to supply your own consumable materials (i.e. fusing participants need to provide their own glass. Stained glass participants would need to provide their own glass, copper foil, solder, flux, patina etc.)* We can sell a small amount of accessory glass if needed. See details below.​ *If you are in a class and specifically working on the project for said class, you do not need to pay for open studio and can utilize all of our materials. 

  • You can use any of our tools that you have been trained on. Feel free to utilize the cutters, running and grozing pliers, grinders, soldering irons, etc. 

  • ​You will need to have the basic skills required to complete whatever you are working on. Open studios are a cost effective way for you to work on your current projects.  While our staff will do our best to answer any questions you may have, our staff is unable to do any teaching or mentoring during open studios. 

  • Everyone must have an open studios waiver on file. Please ask BCGC staff for one if you have not completed it.

Cost Breakdown: 

The rate for open studios is $5.00/hour. Please note: any coldworking tools like the grinder have a different cost to use than open studios. Find those pricing rates on our facility rental page. Material & Kiln Rental Prices Fused glass: ● Bullseye sheet glass & Frit: $6/100 grams ● Pink & purple sheet glass & Frit: $10/100grams ● Powder: $8/100 grams ● Pink & purple powder: $12/100 grams ● Dots: $20/100 grams ● Pink & purple dots: $25/100 grams ● ThinFire shelf paper (20” x 20”): $3.50 Kiln rental: ● Kiln firing in a AFG Oval 13 on a 24" width x 39” oval shelf $38 ● Kiln firing in Jen-Ken AF3P-24-E on a 21” round shelf $28 ● ThinFire shelf paper (20” x 20”") $3.50 ● Fiber paper - prices vary ● Frequent Fuser Card - Covers six firings at $18 each for small kiln, $28 each for large ● Mold rental $5 per mold ● If you do not have enough work to fill a kiln, you may opt to have your glass fired with other glass on a similar firing schedule. BCGC will load it in a kiln the next time there is space, though BCGC cannot guarantee when that will happen. Cost to fire an individual project is $0.13 per square inch per firing with a minimum charge of $7.50. *All firings are charged per 24-hour period

Kilnforming Rules:

• Kiln reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance. Make a reservation by calling 812-369-4777 or by emailing ​• Bring or purchase your own Bullseye glass for your project. Bullseye scrap glass can be purchased by weight at the studio. All glass is 90 COE. ​• A BCGC staff member will be present during Open Studio. ​• Kilns must be programmed by a BCGC staff member (or under staff member supervision). ​• Projects must be composed entirely of Bullseye glass—including accessory glass like dichroic, frit, stringer, etc. ​• When designing your pieces, factor in shelf dimensions plus a 0.5" distance between your piece and the shelf edge, in all directions. ​• Choose slumping molds before designing your pieces. ​• Molds may be fired together in one kiln only when the firing schedules are similar. Refer to Mold Tips: Suggested Slumping Schedules. ​• It is possible to arrange to bring in projects for firing outside of Open Studio. Call or email to make arrangements. ​• You may share kiln space with another artist, but BCGC is not responsible for making such arrangements. ​• Special considerations apply to firing elevated drop-out molds and investment castings. Enquire for details. ​• As we do have classes going on, kiln space may be limited from time to time. If this happens, we will make arrangements to have your piece fired at a later time, as soon as the schedule allows. If you need something fired immediately, please call ahead and find out what the kiln usage looks like. We will do our best to work it out. ​• Since studio storage space is limited, you may not leave materials or tools in the studio, and you must pick up your fired pieces in a timely fashion. Limited locker space is available for rental. ​• BCGC is not responsible for damage to items left on the premises or projects that fail due to customer negligence or error. ​• BCGC staff has the right to refuse to fire any piece at any time if they feel the project will damage our equipment.

Private Parties & Events

Grab the whole crew and come create with us! We offer both fused glass and blown glass experiences.

Our private parties and events are a great way to celebrate an occasion like birthdays, bachelorette/bachelor parties, friend's night out, or a chance to build rapport amongst your team at work! Glasswork is a fantastic way to foster creativity and communication. 


We are happy to tailor an event for any sized group with projects for all skill levels. There is a 4 participant minimum but we can accommodate groups of up to 40 people here at our facility. We are also able to do parties offsite. All participants must be 6 or older. Children aged 6-10 must have 1 grown up present per child. Children ages 11-16 must have at least one adult present for the event.

If you would like to schedule an event, or would just like more information about what an event might look like, please fill out our event request form below. Once we receive it we will contact you to confirm dates and projects, depending on availability.

We offer parties that include one, two and three hour lessons in glassblowing and fusing. Parties include 1-5 expert instructors (depending on the number of party goers) to guide the activity of your choice, with safety talks and demonstrations tailored to the age and interests of your group. Glass work made during the party will be cooled down to room temperature overnight, and packed for safe pickup at BCGC.

If you are interested in renting BCGC for a private party or event, please head to our Private Lessons & Events page and fill out the form! Someone will get back to you asap!

Hot Shop Rental

After completing our glassblowing classes and getting instructor permission, you'll be able to rent our hot shop during our open hours. This is an excellent opportunity to enhance your skills, gain confidence in the environment, experiment with new techniques, and connect with other glassblowers in the community.

Facilities Include:

300 lb invested pot furnace

• 2 glory holes, a large and a small

• 2 annealers

• Standard pipes and punties

• Basic hand tools

• Fluffy torch

• Set up for cane pick ups

Cost Breakdown: 

• Large glory hole: $45 per hour • Small glory hole: $37.50 per hour • Color (frit): $5 per hour • Finished glass: $2.50/pound • Fluffy torch: $5 per hour • Extra long annealing cycles: rates to be worked out with BCGC staff

Hot Shop Rental Rules & Regulations:

All renters MUST go through an equipment training with BCGC staff prior to the first scheduled blow slot. Please schedule this with BCGC front office. • All blow slot reservations must be made with BCGC front office. Email us at • Blow slots are a three hour minimum unless you are blowing directly before or after a BCGC scheduled class, pumpkin crew or a confirmed other renter. • Hot Shop availibility is subject to BCGC events and staff scheduling. • All blow slots are measured in one hour increments. • When you sign up for a blow slot you will be charged for the entirety of the blow slot regardless of whether you are actually blowing during that time. So a slot from 6-9pm will be charged three hours, even if you take a half hour break in the middle. • Reservations must be canceled 48 hours in advance or you will be charged for the entirety of your blow slot. Some exceptions may apply at BCGC's discretion. • Invoices will be issued by the 5th of each month for the prior month's useage. Invoices must be paid by the end of the month in which they were issued. • BCGC equipment and tools must be treated with care. If we feel you are abusing BCGC property, you will no longer be allowed to rent time. Equipment that is damaged or destroyed by a renter will be billed to that renter. • Please report any problems to BCGC staff immediately so they can be dealt with. • All finished work must be picked up from BCGC within two weeks unless arrangements have been made with BCGC staff. Work unclaimed after this time will be sold in the BCGC gallery with 100% of proceeds going to the BCGC educational fund.

Cold Shop Rental

Looking to add the finishing touches on your project? We have a variety of tools for you to perfect your project!

Facilities Include:

  • Multiple Grinders

  • Lap Wheel

  • Tile Saw

  • Sandblaster

  • Belt Sander

  • Dremel

Cost Breakdown: 

$15/half hour

Cold Shop Rental Rules & Regulations:

All renters MUST go through an equipment training with BCGC staff prior to useage. We offer various coldworking classes throughout the year. ● Time is measured and billed in half hour increments. ● Staff has the right to refuse useage to anyone that has not been properly trained, is utilizing the equipment improperly, or abusing the equipment. ● If you are currently in a BCGC class and it requires certain coldworking (ex. stained glass & grinding), you are allowed to utilize the equipment to work on said class's project without being charged the hourly fee.

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