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From The Umayyads to the Ottomans:
A Celebration of Islamic Art

April 27th 12 - 6 pm
Bloomington Creative Glass Center
229 W. Grimes Ln, Bloomington IN

Join us for our 3rd annual cultural celebration! We are excited to showcase the traditions and customs surrounding Islamic Art. Don't miss out on a fun-filled day of food, music, glass blowing demonstrations and activities for all ages! Admission is FREE!

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Due to limited spectator space, we will be requiring each spectator to have a ticket. Tickets will still be FREE and available to everyone. Glass blowing demonstration tickets will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis. You can claim yours at our info table Saturday. We'll begin handing out tickets 30 minutes prior to each demonstration!

There will be four glass blowing demonstrations throughout the day:

  • 12 - 1:15 pm - Islamic Glassblowing Traditions

  • 1:45 - 2:45 pm - Glassblowing Inspired by Uzbek Ikat

  • 3:15 - 4:15 pm - Genii Bottles & Rose Water Sprinklers

  • 5 - 6 pm - Islamic Glassblowing Traditions

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Find more information on all of our activities below!


Live Glassblowing Demonstrations!

Join us for glassblowing demonstrations inspired by the art of the Middle East and Central Asia. Experience the beauty and intricacy of this ancient craft, paying tribute to the rich cultural heritage of these regions. Witness the skill and artistry of glassblowers as they showcase vibrant colors and intricate designs. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of glassblowing.


Telling silly folktales from central asia featuring Hodja Nasr-ed-Din, a hero of humorous short stories and satirical anecdotes.


And More!

Paper Marbeling

Hamilton Lugar School of Global & International Studies - Chinese & Arabic Flagship Program

Dabka Dancing with the Department of Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures

Hands on Art Activities

Arabic and Persian Poetry

Games & Prizes

and more!


Eskenazi Muesum of Art

Join the Eskenazi Museum of Art for a fun tile pattern activity! See the ntricate designs and patterns that have influenced artists for centuries while also taking time to learn about some contemporary Islamic artists inspired by this medieval art! 

The fun doesn't stop there!

Join BCGC & Eskenazi Museum of Art for a special tour of their Islamic Art collection!

Join BCGC for a private viewing of Islamic art and ancient glass from the IU Eskenazi museum collections. Pieces will be curated by Juliet Rose Istrabadi, Curator of Art of the Ancient World.

Join us to view pieces that are not normally on display and learn about how they were made and how they relate to the larger world of Islamic Art.

Viewing will be held in the private IU Eskenazi viewing room and will be limited to 15 people. The tour is FREE!  Secure your spot in the sign up linked below!

A very special thanks to our sponsors!

Views from Past Culture Celebrations

2022 - Venice Reimagined - Celebrated Marietta Barovier, the first female glassblower in Italy (1460.) Glassblowing demonstrations featured techniques used in 15th century Italy! We enjoyed period music, sword fighting and murrini inspired art projects.

2023- ¡Viva El Vidrio! Focusing on the glassblowing of Tonala and the alebrije (think the movie Coco) traditions of Oaxaca, the day featured live glass blowing demonstrations, hands on art activities for all ages, performances by the IU Mariachi band and IU Ballet Folklorico, dance lessons with Paso a Paso, books and games from Morgenstern’s Booksellers!

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