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Glassblowing Apprenticeship Program

At Bloomington Creative Glass Center, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to create something beautiful. If you're looking for an exciting and rewarding experience, look no further than our Glass Blowing Apprenticeship Program. 

Our program is designed to give you an immersive and hands on experience from start to finish. With the guidance of experienced glassblowers, you'll learn the ins and outs of the hot shop, how to safely work with molten glass, and basic glass blowing skills as you help us create pumpkins for our annual Great Glass Pumpkin Patch!


  • Each applicant has to have volunteered at BCGC a minimum of 4 hours.

  • Attend a mandatory 2 hour training on safety, equipment, and skills.

  • Pay $35.00 training fee.

  • Complete 24 hours of glass blowing on pumpkin crews within the first 6 months of your apprenticeship.

  • Other optional fees: cost of Kevlar sleeves to help with heat, cost of blow hose when beginning to gaff, cost of blow pipe cover.

In addition to learning as you assist, hours spent helping with glass production count towards earning a reduced cost glass class (valued at $60 per hour). Pumpkin crews are held multiple times a month, all year long.

Ready to apply? Click the button below!


Then check out our get involved page to schedule those 4 volunteer hours.

*Please note: The apprenticeship program is a physical activity that requires a commitment of time, energy and focus. If you do not feel you would be able to make such a commitment, but would still like to learn how to glass blow, we recommend checking out our glass blowing classes, or our 1 day workshops. 

"It was a real breath of fresh air when I started working with BCGC. Abby and her team have worked hard to make their studio a welcoming space for anyone and everyone, regardless of their background or skill level. The only requirements are a love of glass and a desire to keep learning."

Jim Seaver

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