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Embrace your inner square and make a square fused glass plate by stacking smaller colored glass squares in a pattern that makes you happy. We have two size kits to choose from, 4 1/2 inch (coaster size) or 8 inch (big salad plate size).


Each kit contains

  • 1 clear glass square backing for your plate (4 1/2 inch or 8 inch)
  • bag full of lots and lots of colored glass squares in an assortment of sizes: 1", 2/3", and 1/3"

Does not include

  • White school glue(like Elmer's glue)


Simply glue the squares onto the clear backing and then return your masterpiece to BCGC where we will fire it to fuse the squares onto the back to make a flat piece. You can then choose whether you want to keep your piece flat (tile or coaster) or slump it into a plate form.


Small 4.5" plates are $42.06

Large 8" plates are $69.75

Mosaic Plate Kit

  • Kits are appropriate for children ages 5+. Parental supervision is encouraged for children under the age of 13. Kits all contain glass, which can cause cuts when handled inappropriately.


    Masterpieces should be ready a week after dropping them off to BCGC. Kits can be dropped off any time we are open. Please check our contact page for current hours & location information.

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