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Halloween spookiness is here! Get into the spirit with a fused glass plate kit. Squares measure  4 1/2 inch (coaster size). You'll get your choice of making a mummy, a jack o lantern, a monster or a spiderweb plate!

Each kit contains
• 1 colored glass backing
• 1 bag of decorative glass pieces
• 1 bottle glass glue

Simply glue the glass pieces onto the colored backing in a pattern that is pleasing to you, and then return your masterpiece to BCGC where we will fuse it into a flat piece. You can then choose whether you want to keep your piece flat, like a tile or coaster, or slump it into a plate form.

Halloween Plate

  • Kits are appropriate for children ages 5+. Parental supervision is encouraged for children under the age of 13. Kits all contain glass, which can cause cuts when handled inappropriately.


    Masterpieces should be ready a week after dropping them off to BCGC. Kits can be dropped off any time we are open. Please check our contact page for current hours & location information.

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