Kiln Carving

“Kilncarving” is a process used in kiln formed glass that produces glass with a 3 dimensional relief, textured, or sculpted appearance. To produce kiln carved glass a design is carved into ceramic fiber paper, glass is stacked on top, and the piece is fired in a kiln. The result of kiln heat and glass viscosity produces a glass piece with a “carved” underside that takes on the pattern and relief of the ceramic fiber paper. During this 1 day class you will learn basic kilncarving techniques, how temperature and glass types affect kiln carved outcomes, and design your own 8” kiln carved plate. We will fuse and slump it for you and it will be ready to pick up in about a week.

Class limit: 8 students

Ages: 13 and up

Tuition: $70

Prerequisite: none

Instructor: Anne Brahaum