The Bloomington Creative Glass Center offers classes for students of all ages and skill levels.

Glass Blowing / Glass Casting / Painting on glass / Glass Fusing /
School workshops

Glass Blowing

We offer private and group glass blowing lessons at GRT Glass on the southeast side of Indianapolis. Please email us for updated class times, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Rebecca Caldwell and John Kearney

Private Lessons 

  • In this one on one glass blowing class students will learn how to make a colorful glass paperweight, a flower and an ornament. All classes have a 2 hour minimum. $70/ hour.

Group Classes

  • Come blow glass with a friend! Get a group together of 2-4 people and help each other make some beautiful work. In the first class students will make  paperweights and flowers. Then move up to drinking glasses, ornaments and vases in subsequent lessons.  $40/person per hour.  2 hour minimum.

Call for class availability. (812) 345-2470

Glass Casting

This fall BCGC will be offering glass casting classes through the John Waldron Arts Center Tuesdays, 10/23/2018-11/13/2018.

Glass Casting for Beginners

  • Let this introductory course be your window into thcast bababas by Abby Gitlitze fascinating and beautiful world of glass art! You will learn about the properties of glass and then create a plaster mold that you will fill with glass. The works will be fired between the second and third classes and the final class session will be the unveiling and finishing of your pieces. Class will be lead by local glass artist and director of the Bloomington Creative Glass Center, Abby Gitlitz. 4 Wednesdays

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Painting on Glass

offered in Spring through the John Waldron Arts Center.

Glass Painting Workshop 

  • In this fun and accessible workshop you will learn about the properties of glass and how to create beautiful artwork on panes in the old grisaille style. This reductive process involves applying layers of paint and then scraping away layers to reveal unique textures and shades and yields pieces that are akin to stained glass but with a charcoal tinge. No previous glass working experience is necessary and all materials are included in the course fee. 3 Wednesdays

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Glass Fusing

Come to one of our drop in workshop and make your own fused magnet or suncatcher. These family friendly workshops are an opportunity for anyone ages 5 and above to try glass making "on the spot" in 15 minutes or less. Check back soon for current workshop dates.

Glass-fusing is a fun creative process that involves collaging smaller bits of glass onto a larger glass surface. Your piece will be taken to a kiln offsite for firing (at a later time) and you can pick it up the week after the event. The cost for fusing is $15 for a small piece, and $25 for a 4" x 3" square.

For more information check out our events page.

 School Workshops

The Science of Silica program for student groups"The Science of Silica" program for student groups

Have a glass artist come to your classroom or organization.  We have one hour to half day workshops on the following topics:

  • The Science of Silica 
    How is glass made? What does it do? In this hands-on workshop, veteran glass artist Abby Gitlitz will show how artists work molten glass using everyday kitchen objects. Explore the science of glass blowing by becoming a glass particle and doing what glass particles do. Participants will get to try blowing “glass” with a straw and bubblegum and everyone will be able to make his/her own “glass” treat out of melted lifesavers.  For ages 6-13. All materials provided. Contact BCGC for more details.
  • Stained Glass
    We have all seen stained glass windows in churches and public buildings, but how is it made? In this interactive workshop students will get to try their hands at cutting glass just like the professionals do! Each participant will make a faux stained glass window out of paper and then help make a REAL stained glass window to keep for their classroom. All materials provided. Students will NOT work with sharp glass or any dangerous materials.  For ages 8-14. Contact BCGC for more details.
  • The History of Glass
    In the United States we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the studio glass movement when glass went from being a craft to being an art, but worldwide people have been working glass since the beginning of written history. Learn how the Egyptians used glass in their tomb art and how Romans discovered glass blowing. Medieval stained glass windows, decadent French luxury ware, German drinking glasses! Learn how glass got to where it is today. Access to a  digital projector is required.  For ages 15+.  Contact BCGC for more details.

Glass tools

Learn glass blowing, painting on glass, history, and more.